Blog 6 -The Resume, Cover Letter, and Application Are Useless Without This!

The Resume, Cover Letter, and Application Are Useless Without This!

I know that sounds puffed-up or hyped-up to scare you … but I can tell from interviewing hundreds of people that this is absolutely true!

My background: I’m a retired college/university professor and business owner … plus, I have interviewed hundreds of students and job applicants while in those positions.

So … what is this “thing” that a job applicant should not be without … or what is it that can render application materials useless?

Answer: “YOU … without Job Interview Preparation.”

Job interviewers are becoming more clever, trickier, sneakier, and smarter … and it is becoming harder to fool an experienced job interviewer …

So, your best tactic is to prepare for those devious, irrelevant questions … and control your emotions (i.e., don’t get scared, angry, contentious, or have a meltdown).

This kind of interviewer might be your worst enemy … someone who just does interviewing for a company but may not know anything about the job you are applying for:

Sneaky Job Interviewer
Ha Ha Ha! Gotcha!


THE JOB INTERVIEW is absolutely important … because if you fail there, nothing else you did matters … and it does not matter if the application materials were sprinkled with gold dust.

When you receive an invitation for a job interview, you must do the right thing to get ready for it. Go ahead and check it out.

CLICK here to > GET JOB INTERVIEW COACHING … or lose out by someone else who did!


Do you really need job interview coaching? You may not … but most people do.

Why? Because the pushing, shoving, elbowing, jockeying, networking, and positioning for many jobs is becoming intensely competitive … and there could be 100+ people applying for the same job.

Should that scare you. NO!

That should give you a “heads-up” to get every advantage you can find.

For example, if offered, you should sign up for online phone-coaching (which is great) from a reputable job-preparation company that is helping you through the job-preparation process (i.e., resumes, cover letters, etc.).

Nevertheless, I highly recommend that you get this book to add to your arsenal of job-interview skills. This step in the “job-hunt” process is too important to overlook.

Job Interview Coaching


CLICK here to get > Complete Job Interview Questions & Answers


You cannot get too much information … or make too many preparations.

Job Interview Coaching is the most critical thing you can do to improve your chances for getting that job.

Your job application materials may be perfect … but your job interview must be better.

Your job interview performance is critical to your success, and you usually only get one shot at it before moving on.

You may have a sterling, sparkling package of well-written job-application materials.

If you do not measure up to an interviewer’s expectations, your chances for success are not very good.

Searching for a job is a tough process for most people. But the hardest part is NOT about writing the application materials.

The job interview is the toughest, most nerve-wracking part.

I am not picking on males as the villains of sneaky-tricky interview tactics. Both males and females can present you with some personalities you were not expecting. Check out this representation:

Angry Job Interviewer
Aggressive Unsympathetic Job Interviewer

To withstand job interviewers like this, get the book:  Complete Job Interview Questions & Answers

If you are fortunate to be getting some phone job-interview coaching, ask your coach how to deal with different types of job interviewers (i.e., how to stay calm and composed).

There are two important parts of a job interview: overt and covert.

You should prepare for both parts. The first part is overt, and this is the most challenging part where a real performance counts the most.

Sitting in front of a computer, or blank piece of paper, is challenging but not threatening, because you only have to be “creative” to write a sentence.

Sitting in front of a job interviewer is demanding because you have to “perform.”

You are in the spotlight now, and you must be alert, responsive, and honest. Plus, you must deliver your best routine.

Many job application services do a great job of helping you prepare all of your required materials.

Getting assistance to prepare for the job interview is hard to find.  Most job-preparation services usually deal with the writing resumés, cover letters, and CV’s … but some do provide access to phone-call  job interview coaching (take it if available!).

Your biggest job interview resource is right here:

job-preparation services


Here is the link again to get it > Complete Job Interview Answers

The second part is much easier because it is covert … but there are two covert parts which only you can determine.

This covert assessment is no less important to your career success … and almost no one tells you about it (but I will … right now).

These are the “first” covert things you want to learn from the job interview by making your own observations … for example:

  1. How do the staff seem to interact with each other?
  2. Is this a safe work environment?
  3. What did the city comparison study show (i.e., weather, crime, etc.)?
  4. Does the city match up to my research and expectations?  
  5. Will you be successful and happy here?
  6. Does this look like a place with contented workers?
  7. “Why should you select this job over other jobs?

If offered the job, you should now review those seven questions above for yourself to determine how you think you measure up to the job you just interviewed for.

Here is the second part of the covert assessment. Ask yourself these questions before you accept the job offer:

  1. Will I like this job?
  2. Will I do a good job for them?
  3. Will I get along with the staff?
  4. Will my family, spouse, children, be happy here?
  5. Will there be chances for advancement?
  6. Will I survive on the salary they are offering?
  7. Will their benefits package be sufficient?

The reason you want make this two-part covert assessment, before you accept a job, relates to your personal happiness and satisfaction at work and at home.

Be smart. If you see people like this on your “walk-around” at the job site … and you don’t think you could tolerate the working environment … you might want to keep on looking at other jobs:

Difficult People to work with
On-Off … Up-Down … Difficult to Work With.

 CLICK here to get > Complete Job Interview Questions & Answers

Growing unhappiness with any of those basic questions above may point to future problems that can destroy all of your relationships at home and work.

Then, answer the final, critical question:  Why Am I Going to Accept This Job?

This last question is important because you are basically giving yourself a chance to evaluate the reasons for your decision.

The truth is that rejecting a job can be even more important to your future than accepting a job that is not right for you.

If you have completed everything else … you should prepare for the most important part of the process … your JOB INTERVIEW!

If you came to this blog out of curiosity … and you are NOT ready for a job interview … you should go to this website and review those blogs to bring you up-to-date:

Even though you may not be at the point for your Job Interview yet, you can still review all my job blogs on the website above to help you.

There is a series on job Blogs on the website above to guide you through the processes to help you with your cover letters, resumés, and other materials.

Best of success in life and love,

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous

PS:  The book below can only help you to get ahead of that bunch of job-hunters who are trying to get the job you want. I don’t care about them … I care about your success because you are here!

Complete Job Interview Answer Guide
Complete Job Interview Questions & Answers


CLICK the image above, or CLICK here > Complete Interview Answer Guide

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