Blog 5 – Two Things You Must Do to Get Your Dream Job

Two Things You Must Do to Get Your Dream Job

Wow … let’s jump onto these two things right away so that you don’t have to scroll up and down the page looking for them:

  1. You must accurately find out the best kind of job(s) you should do in your life.
  2. You need a professional agency that can expertly guide your steps to your best job.

So … what are the best steps for a person to take to do those two things above?


To find what the best jobs for you are, you need to take advantage of this FREE Career Assessment test.

Just CLICK here and check out > FREE Career Assessment

Why is this important? One reason is that you might not want to wind up working with a group of people that come across like this one ….

Job for Job Seekers
More Than 12,000 Jobs!

Well … what if I should ask you why you should settle for mucking out horse stalls for a career when you might become a world-famous chef or inter-galactic astronaut?

You decide. Would you rather shovel horse crap … or do anything else at which you might excel … become an architect, engineer, doctor, physicist, chemist, and so forth?

It is neither practical nor useful to ask a question like: “What kind of job do you want” … until the person has been exposed to the whole realm of job possibilities that they are realistically qualified to do.

But, how can a person get that type of information to search for a job that they can actually perform … unless someone reveals it to them?

You cannot accurately establish your answer to this question until you discover what kinds of jobs actually exist … and which one’s you could actually do.

Further … no one can usually discover their own personal preferences and abilities without professional help from experts who do this type of evaluation daily.

It’s no wonder that job seekers almost go crazy trying to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together to figure out the job-search problem.

Now, you have probably figured out that this is a double-edged sword.

If  people do not know what jobs they are best suited for … and they do not know how to find those jobs …  what do they do?

Many of them usually settle for jobs like mucking something from somewhere or doing something like flipping burgers for a career. Hey … it’s OK if some people prefer those types of jobs … and some people do prefer them over others.

Job Searches
Simplify Job Confusion with Accurate Information.

OK … let’s deal with that double-edged sword.

Go ahead and take advantage of the FREE Career Test I already mentioned … and that will take care of one edge of that sword.

For the second edge of that sword, you need to find out what jobs actually exist in the realm of possibilities.

To find that out, CLICK on this link > 12,000 Jobs Just For You

OK … this is not a “tweet” … because you are going to have to look at a lot of jobs on that list.

However,  wait until you get you “Career Test Assessment” results so that you will know what types of jobs you should be reviewing.

That will save you a lot of time when you have that information. There is no need for you to look at a ton of jobs on that list for which you have no interest or qualifications to do.

Once correct information is known, a person has some realistic information with which they can determine if they like a certain type of job or not.

Their job preferences  should be based on information related to the personal information from their Career Assessment test.

Savvy people who make that discovery are usually far more prepared to find the jobs that they can do than those who go window-shopping through newspapers, magazines, internet, etc. while trying to find a job.

Once again … Click here for > Free Personality Test if you have not considered it yet. Take your time … and make sure that whatever you do is in your best interests.

You definitely want to wind up working with people who are well-adjusted, like these:

Happy People
Working with Happy People Makes Life Better!

You should know, it does not matter what your starting point is or how experienced or educated you are … I highly recommend that you take a Career Test to find out what job you are best suited for … potentially making you happier and richer in life.

Don’t let pride and/or ego jump up and grab you by the throat. I have seen it happen before.

Some people insist that putting a different shade of lipstick on a pig will make it more attractive … and I’m still trying to figure out why that matters.

With well over 12,000 job types, you might want to take a better aim at what kind of job you should pursue … plus, you might be very pleasantly surprised to find out that you qualify for more than just one job type.

OK … I know that “first thing to do” was a lot to get through … but it is very important for people to get started off doing the right thing in the right direction.

If not … it can be a lot like putting both feet in one shoe (laced up tightly) and trying to run just as hard and fast as you can.

Never heard that before?  Just stop and think about that mental image a little bit … but that is just about what people do to “cripple” their chances for success and advancement.




You have probably already beaten me to the punch on this one. You need a resume, right?

Yes, you need that … and a little bit more.

But running out … and getting a “Quickie” resume or an “Internet Resume Template” to save a little money … will cost you a lot more time and money that you could ever realize.

Those types of resumes (and cover letters) usually get rejected fairly quickly to digital scanning software … and human reviewers may reject them even quicker.

Many of those types of resumes and cover letters are about as tasteless as spaghetti sauce without any tomatoes in it.

The essential ingredients are usually missing from templates … and non-certified resume writers are no match for experienced certified resume and cover letter writers.

Clowns for Circuses
Clowning Around & Not Certified for Anything

CLICK here to get started with > The Resume Center

It does not take a professional resume writer more than a few seconds to make this assessment and to make the necessary corrections.

A full-service, professional job-seeker agency can provide valuable assistance that will save both time and money.

To give you an idea, here is one such professional agency that can provide:

  • Application Forms and Personal Statements
  • Business Photo Editing
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Job Interview Coaching (See later comments.) *
  • Language Translation
  • Online presence and LinkedIn Profiles
  • Professional Resume Writing
  • Proof Reading
  • Social Media
  • Telephone Consultation
  • Various Bundles of Services (See below.)

Those services are absolutely essential for anyone looking for assistance in all steps of the job-preparation process … especially when continuity between the steps is needed.

CLICK here for complete services from > The Resume Center


The Resume Center was established about 20 years ago, and it has worldwide offices. They employ over 200 writer and interview coaches.

* Job Interviews: I am going to add a little more information about Job Interview Coaching.

I believe that the Job Interview is the most important step in the entire job- preparation process that the job-seeker must complete at the “top of their game.”

Even if everything else is perfect … but the applicant fails the job interview … the whole process and expense of job-search preparation becomes meaningless.

I highly recommend Interview Coaching from The Resume Center.

However, I feel it is wise to get as much Job Interview advantage as possible … and that is why I recommend that job applicants also get this additional information … because you just can’t get too much information on Job Interviews:

Complete Job Interview Answer Guide
Complete Job Interview Questions & Answers

There is no such thing as getting “over-prepared” for your job interview … or getting too much information.

If you “bomb-out” or have a “meltdown” during your job interview … it does not matter if all of your application materials are gilded with gold … they will be worthless if you do not ace the job interview.

Even if you get job interview phone-coaching … GET THIS BOOK! It’s like having a extra ace tucked up your sleeve.

CLICK here for your > Complete Interview Answer Guide


Note: Job interviews are not always conducted by the department where the job is located. Human Resource personnel often conduct job interviews to “weed-out” applicants that they feel are not “worthy” to go further up the ladder.

While that is often unfortunate, the job applicant must be prepared for a barrage of “silly-tricky” questions that have absolutely nothing to do with the job being offered. You might run into this person:

Sneaky Job Interviewer
Ha Ha Ha! Gotcha!

Therefore, be prepared for ridiculous questions from anyone, anywhere in the interview process … and make sure that you know the ABC’s of the job inside and out.

Finally, consider that several hundred people may be applying for the same job … but don’t let that scare you … you just need to be the one that is best prepared.

Go ahead and get the questions and the answers that are almost certain to popup somewhere in you interview process … and learn as much as you can from everyone who gives you Job Interview “training.”

If the job interviewer is not tricky, he or she may be hostile like this one (and believe me … they do exist) … and you just happened to show up on the day they forgot their people skills!

Angry Job Interviewer
Aggressive Unsympathetic Job Interviewer

Until next time … success and safety in life and love,

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous

PS: Reminder: Get your FREE Career Test … because without a Career Test, you might as well be dancing in front of a cracked mirror … without music.

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