Blog 4 – The Job Hunt – Here’s How You Can Do Yours Successfully!

The Job Hunt – Here’s How You Can Do Yours Successfully!

Many people graduate from high school, college, military, or something … and their first step is to set themselves up for lifetime of failure and continual misery.

Why? It’s because they lack valuable information about themselves and the available jobs in the market which they could actually do to enhance their lives.

Unfortunately, life does not come with an escalator … most of us have to work our butts off to get to the top of anything … and that first step is critical.

How? You find the right ladder … and then you must actually take the steps to succeed. (Hint: Take a look at my websites logo.)

Steps to Success
Ladders Serve Best When Climbed

There actually is a well-defined plan that you can follow to find the job that you need and one that is right for you.

In case you don’t know much about the job market … it is huge … with jobs you can do and with names you have never seen.

Take a look at over 12,000 job types here at the Bureau of Labor link (BLS).

It does not really matter which job “hat” you are going to wear … you must make sure that your cover letter, resume writer has the skill to accurately represent you … otherwise, you are just dust in the wind.

CLICK the image below >

Many Jobs & Many Workers
Workers May Wear Many Hats & Do Many Jobs


In that image, you can discover the huge, extensive list of jobs that you probably never heard of … but you which might really want to find out about … because some of them will fit the unique YOU very well.

So … go back up to that link above … and open up a whole new world for yourself.

To help you on your job-seeking journey,  you must know how to use the following five steps to advance in the world … to do anything:

Five Recommended Job-Search Plan Steps:

  1. Where am I now?
  2. Where am I going?
  3. Why am I going?
  4. How am I going to get there?
  5. How will I know when I have arrived?

To use the BLS “job list” … and use the “five-step” plan above … you need to find yourself.

The best way to do that is to take advantage of a FREE “Career Assessment” evaluation.

To do that, you can get a FREE Career Assessment test to help you find out which jobs are actually best suited to you … and the people you work best with.

Work with Best People
Work Best With The Right People

First thing in any career plan should be to find the right job for you and the best people to work with while doing your job.

CLICK here to get a > FREE Personality Career Test

After that evaluation, you need a full-service agency such as Resume Writers that offers a large range of services for the job-seeker.

Why not take advantage of a group of professionals that really do know what they are doing and can help you get on your right career track and reach your destination.

Go here now … and click on the photo below:

Resume Writers
Personal Resumes Written One-on-One

CLICK here for One-on-One Resumes > Best Resume Writers

To begin job-search explorations … you should develop a plan tailored to your own situation and progression in life by answering the first question.

WHERE AM I NOW? (Literally … where are you in life relative to obtaining a job … or education/training for a job?)

This may seem silly or elementary to some, but the expansion of information about yourself will help you establish a game plan needed for your job-search goal(s).

Once you have nailed down your own starting point and life situation, you can determine which direction you need to take to have a change for success.

How can you do that effectively?  

We can feel very much alone when we sit at a table with a pen and blank piece of paper … or stare at a cold, emotionless computer screen … when all we want is some way to find a job and get on with life. This can be a daunting challenge.

A lack of information is usually the root cause for the inability to move forward successfully … in any direction.

Let’s go back to the first question (“Where am I now?”) and establish your location in life with facts that can be related to you and your job search.

Big Hammer
Hit The Nail Hard … on The Hard Head

But … don’t get started with an “El Cheapo Quickie” resume written by uncertified writers who just want a quick buck … yours.

Please … just go ahead and do it right for yourself … CLICK > Best Resume Writers

For example, just make a list like this one below, but make a list of your own (and fill in some details about you because you will need them later … when you are talking with your resume expert:

  • Jobs (i.e., types of jobs and experiences … if any)
  • Education (i.e., diplomas, GED, degrees, certificates, etc.)
  • Languages you can speak, read and write
  • Military service (i.e., if any, list of non-classified skills)
  • Certified Skills (i.e., pilot, engineer, computers, mathematics, etc.)
  • Accomplishments (i.e., achievements, awards, writings, etc.)

I know that probably seems like a lot of work … but you are looking for a job … right?

There are often many jobs a person can be paired to … but which they do not even know about yet … and this information will help guide your cover letter and resume writer to best represent the real you.

I do like analogies to help people see the bigger picture, but you do not need to become a “Jack-of-All-Trades” or a “master-key” that can do everything … or nothing.

However, you are worthy of being introduced to jobs that you can do … but do not even know about yet.

So … once again (in case you still have not done it) … I invite you to do yourself a favor and go to this link to open up a world that has been hidden from you:  Bureau of Labor.

This is the huge problem people have because they do not have a clue about what jobs are out there just waiting for them … jobs which they can actually do if given the chance.

In case you just spent a few hours exploring that Bureau of Labor link, and are on fire to find out what you should do next … you should go get your FREE personality-type test to match you up with job types that suit you.

Absolutely … let’s nail this thing down … and get our life started (or restarted) in the right direction!

Hammer the message home
When a Big Hammer Is Needed … Use it!


Let’s review the suggestions for you: Here is what you need to do to blast off from the correct launch pad toward your own shiny star in life:

  1. Get your FREE Career test.  
  2. Review the Bureau of Labor link to discover which jobs are for you. 
  3. Get a professional agency such as Resume Writers to guide you through the proper steps to reach the job goals that are a match for you.   

Note: Quickie online resume templates … with no one to support and guide you through the job-hunt jungle … is not a wise choice for your working life and happiness.

Do it now … don’t wait until you get younger to get started ….

Until next time … success and safety in life and love,

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous

PS: To access a more extensive list of my job-related blogs (with lots of valuable job-related information), you can find them at this website:

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