Blog 3 – Get the Best Resume for Your Unique Needs … Not A Template!

Get the Best Resume for Your Unique Needs … Not A Template!

My god, they are coming out of the woodworks … and they are being plastered all over the internet every time you open a browser … resume writers!

Is everyone a resume writer expert now? Ha! I don’t think so. It’s almost like saying, “Hey, I can drive a car … so, let me tell you how to prepare for the “Indianapolis 500.”

It seems that millions of “writers” have come upon the idea that they can write resumes for the hungry masses of people who are looking for jobs … and there are going to be a lot of people who fall for it because it is usually an “El Cheapo” resume deal.

If you really want a great resume fast … why not get a resume that is truly great for your particular needs? It should not matter what you are qualified to do … the resume should fit you … not some template-produced facsimile (fax) of you.

Help Writing Resumes
Resume Writing Help

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This may seem a little hardline … but I have been associated with hiring, firing, evaluating, and teaching people for over 40 years … in businesses and in colleges and universities.

Many people have the idea that a resume is nothing more than a one-page “slop and plop” document that says something like … “Looky here at what I did.”

A lot of people will pay money for a “Quickie-One-Page” resume slopped together with a template … and then think that this is what will get them a job, or a job interview.

Wrong … not any more … it usually won’t even get but a few seconds of attention by a digital job application scanner or a human eye-ball-review.

Many jobs are using electronic scanners that look for certain keywords or phrases. If the proper information is missing, the scanner will flag it for rejection … and almost no human eyes will ever review it.

It could take such digital scanners less than a minute to reject a perfectly good candidate who was unfortunate enough to present a poorly prepared resume … whether they did it themselves or hired an inviting “quick-cheapo” offer.

By the way, it may take a pair of human eyeballs less than 10 seconds to send “quickie-junky” resumes on an aerial journey to the nearest trashcan.

It does not matter how great and wonderful the applicant is, this is the usual reaction to junky application materials that do not do justice for the applicant:

Poorly Written Resumes
Junky Resumes and
Cover Letters are Nauseous

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Some of you are skilled enough to write your own cover letters and resumes when you have the proper guidance … but you are still not going to do it as good as a professional.

I understand people’s need for information … especially in this very competitive world of job hunting (and retention) … and the accompanying emotional frustration and fatigue that go along with it.

I am a retired college professor; former business owner; former director of a multi-million-dollar business; professional writer; novel writer; current business owner; and schooled in preparing: resumes, cover letters, making job searches, and career advising.

From my unique vantage points, I feel that I might have some insights and experiences to provide useful information for job seekers.

I do not write resumes, cover letters, or conduct job searches for people; even though, as a professor and writer, I took reviewed many courses to find out what the professionals in the “resume-writing” business do.

I leave the preparations of cover letters and resumes  to other experts who have the skills and practice to do those things as a full-time business.

I am a long-time student advocate (no matter what they are studying) … and I feel that students should be prepared for any steps they plan take with any information the receive or pay for.

If you feel that you do not need any information related to job-seeking, then you will probably become one of those poor, eternally-hopeful people who play the lottery with high-hopes … a lot!

Or, you might be waiting for some rich relative to die and leave you a load of money … or maybe it will just spring out at you from your computer!

Follow the Money
Follow Advice … then Follow the Money!

Fat chance … most of us need a better plan than a “waiting-game.”

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Here is some advice:

Feel free to call any company that I recommend to find out what each one can provide for you with your education level, background, experience, and anything else that you feel is important for you.

Read all of my blogs because I intend to be brief but concise in each one. But, be sure that you explore other possibilities that may be important for you if they are not covered in my blogs.

You may not hit the “bulls-eye” the first time … but keep trying until you do hit it. Some of these companies offer “guarantees” to ensure that you succeed.

In the final analysis, all you need to know is – where you are; where you’re going; why you’re going; how you’re going to get there; and to know when you have arrived.

Final Advice:

You may want to write your own cover letters and resumes … but you may also want to review all of my blogs first to make sure you are on the right track.

Unless you are current in job market requirements, you may want to get some help from the experts who write job application materials for a living.

Even if you do write your own cover letters and resumes, you may be better off getting someone with a different perspective than yours to help you prepare your cover letters and resumes.

At least, go here and take a look at some services that are just right for you … no matter what your background experiences are … go to the professionals who can help you.

Great Resumes Fast
Great Resumes Fast for Just About Anyone

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Why do I give this advice?  As a former director and business owner, I have reviewed hundreds of cover letters and resumes … so I know what the other side looks for.

I know that many people want to save time and money by writing their own cover letters and resumes … often from “cheapo” templates on the internet … but they often fail miserably because they lack the basic skills to organize and communicate effectively.

It was easy for me to detect cover letters and/or resumes prepared by professionals when applicants were applying to my business or to a university where I taught.

Professionals, who do this for a living, know how to organize and present the information that admissions or businesses expect to find … and they look for it when reviewing a person’s application documents.

Unless you are a professional writer who knows the ends-and-outs of the job markets … and what tactics and strategies govern current resume submissions … I strongly suggest that you get a professional to write your cover letter and resume.

Hey, welcome aboard. I hope you will benefit and succeed in all you job needs … and it does not matter if it’s your first job, a new job … or even if you are just curious.

Even if you do have experience writing cover letters and resumes, an impartial professional may be able to do a better job for you than you can do yourself.

But … there is just one more teeny-tiny thing I think you should know about … and you should get it no matter how you get your resume.

You should get this information to prepare yourself for the Job Interview regardless of how you got your resume (i.e., you did it … or someone else did it for you):

Complete Job Interview Answer Guide
Complete Job Interview Questions & Answers

You might have a fantastic resume written for you … and your cover letter may have job interviewers swooning to meet you … but if you cannot get past this job interviewer (guy or girl) in the photo below …

Sneaky Job Interviewer
Ha Ha Ha! Gotcha!

you can forget reaching the job interview level … because if these job-interview screeners do not like your answers (even if you are a genius at your job) … your fantastic resume and cover letter might as well be pieces of junk mail.

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Note: It does not matter who produces your resume and cover letter … you really do need to prepare yourself for some of the most ridiculous, sneaky, tricky questions you have ever heard.  Be ready for your job interview. Get your copy now!

Until next time … success and safety in life and love,

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous

PS: Why the nickname “Bumblebee?”  I’m usually doing something or the other … but not ADHD… I suspect caffeine.

PPS: In case you are interested, you can find many of my job-seeker blogs on this website:


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