Blog 2 – The Master Stroke – Get Job Interview Coaching

The Master Stroke – Get Job Interview Coaching


Finding a job can be a tough and exhausting process … but like great art … the rewards can be invaluable.

If you have gone about it correctly, you have already taken advantage of getting a career assessment evaluation … and you know which jobs you should be seeking.

That is what career assessment aims to do … to find out which jobs you are best suited for … and then you wisely use that information to follow your career goals.

We’re not trying to get the “cart before the horse” here … because you cannot accomplish job interview coaching until you complete a few necessary steps first.

For example, after you complete your career assessments, you can then tailor your  cover letters, resumes ( or CV’[s), and applications for the jobs that best suit you.

All of these required documents are generally called job application documents … and lucky for you … you can get all of them right here:

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After all is said and done … most job application processes end with the job interview … and, hopefully …

You’re Hired! This last part is the “master stroke” that finishes off the job applicant’s hard work (the artist’s canvas).

I am going to present more than “Job Interview Coaching” in this blog … because there is more for you to see here.

Are you applying to jobs but not seeing any results … or going to job interviews but never hearing anything back?

These are two very important issues … that need careful … but separate attention.

First, many people are in desperate need of professional help to prepare their application materials correctly.

Why? So that they will meet current industry requirements to even get their application materials reviewed.

Many “Quickie” resume and cover letter templates on the internet do not even come close to current industry standards … that’s why professional who know what’s going on can do so much more for you.

Both electronic scanners, and human reviewers, are quick to discard poorly prepared application materials … and many of these are made from internet templates.

“Quickie” internet templates for resume preparation are designed for one purpose … to make money for the template company … but success with those is questionable.

Second, and even more important, is job interview preparation. “Getting a foot in the door” is no longer a guarantee that an applicant will succeed in the job interview.

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Job Interview Coaching
From Resume to Job Interview

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And, even more distressing, is to arrive for a job interview and discover a room full of people who are there for the same reason that you are there for …  the JOB!

Most job applicants really do need job interview coaching today more than ever before … because if they fail at the job interview … those perfectly prepared covers letters and CV’s don’t mean a thing.

Why? Because more people are applying for the same jobs now. Plus, the job competition is getting their application materials better prepared by professionals who know the employment industry.

Job applicants are also becoming wiser.  They are discovering that job interviewers are becoming more selective about the people they hire … and the interview questions are becoming trickier and tougher.

For example, ten people may look great on paper because they had professional help from professional services that know how to write and prepare application materials.

I personally know what job interviewers are looking for … because I used to do that in several of my former roles in businesses and as a professor for university campuses.

Oh, some interviewers can be sugary-tricky while smiling with the most compassionate expressions … learn to play along … but don’t be fooled.

Some interviewers can also be downright devious (but I never was) and unbelievably tricky.

Sneaky Job Interviewer
Ha Ha Ha! Gotcha!

Don’t be fooled … some female job interviewers have just as much fun “playing” with applicants as the males do.

CLICK here > Interview Coaching … then on the website … CLICK  the heading >  CAREER SERVICES … then CLICK the >  Interview Coaching Image

If the job interview is conducted by people in Human Resources (Personnel department), they are not likely to know much about the job for which you are applying. You could run into a ton of sneaky, tricky “screening” questions at this level.

This usually means that they are “screening” applicants that they consider “worthy” of being given further consideration (and possibly higher-level interviews). It does not matter if you know your career functions forwards and backwards … some of these “lower-level” interviewers are there to justify their reasons for existence.

How do I know this? As a department director (in a multi-million dollar business), I was privileged to read all the job applicants’ materials for my department’s openings beforehand.

Many times I was really infuriated to find out that an applicant had already been “screened-out” by Human Resources personnel … and that the applicants were no longer available for interview.

Sure, there are criminal background reasons for denying an applicant’s application … but I found that in many cases the interviewer did not like the way the applicants answered their interview questions … which had nothing whatever to do with the job for which they were applying.

For your information … many of us who actually approve a candidate to work in our businesses … we are more interested in knowing if a candidate can tell the difference between a widget and a digit or an explosion or an implosion.

Your “take-away” from this information is simple … you better be prepared for the sneaky, tricky questions you will probably be asked at any level … and you better know the ABC’s of the job for which you are applying.

I remember sitting in interview meetings where an applicant was being grilled by 5 – 10 people on an interview panel … and I watched in pity (I really did) while an applicant was ground down from a mighty rock to a pitiful little pile of dust.

If you don’t think those types of interviewers are out there … be forewarned … because I have touched elbows with many of them.

Sad … but true … poorly prepared job applicants usually have a very short job interview with a nice farewell message … “Thank you for coming in. We’ll be in touch.”

Nevertheless, with the proper job interview preparation, your coach can help prepare you for just about any type of interview questions and attitudes you are likely to encounter.

Here is a simple little secret … the job applicant actually has control over the mood of job interview process.

How? I’m sure your job interview coach will help you compose yourself. Plus, help you learn all the tough, tricky questions and the right answers to them.

The key, to the simple little secret, is learning self-control and giving the right answers … with a little smile, but not a smirk … hey, guys, it really is OK to smile.

Remaining “unruffled” is the secret-sauce that makes this performance work … because you remain in control of yourself … and that can be impressive. Note: Some job interviewers try to push an applicant to the edge of “losing their cool.”

Make sure you know your “job stuff,” and can discuss it, because that is just as important as being in control of your emotions.

Pay careful attention to your job interview coach … because when you succeed … they succeed.

Isn’t this what you really want … as shown in the photo below?


Best of life, love, health, and success,

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous 

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