Blog 1 – Jobs … Doomed from the Start … Unless

Blog 1 – Jobs … Doomed from the Start … Unless 

Unless what?

Unless you know what you are doing or looking for … so … let’s find out what that means.

Wow! That’s a depressing thought. It is a very real one … and many of us have faced it.

When we finally get up the courage to start looking for a job, many of us probably turn on the internet and run into a brick wall right away. We don’t all have a golden computer or a magic wand.

But, does it have to be like this? No, it doesn’t … but job hunting is tough.

But … before you go job hunting, wouldn’t it be a really good idea to know why you are looking for certain jobs … and if you really want them? Or … if you are even qualified?

Everyone needs a helping-hand from time to time … also, sometimes you get one … and I am going to who you a FREE Career Test to give you that helping hand.

Seek and Find
To Find It … First, Know What It Is!

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Many of us have been there … and here is what often happens on many job-search sites.

Has this ever happened to you? … We open a job-search site and immediately locate a blank box that requires us to enter a job name, title, keyword, a state or something so that it can go “fetch.”

The “search box” just sits there blinking at us and waiting for us to do something.

We just stare back at the box and hope it will make some suggestions for us to start looking for a job … any job!

This turns into a “standoff.” The search box won’t budge or move … and defiantly keeps its secrets.

We furrow our brow, mutter a few more epithets (cuss words), pick up our secret hammer and scowl … but the “Search box” is not intimidated and will not yield.

In desperation, we find another job-search site and encounter another defiant search box. It also demands that we enter a job name before it will yield any job information.

We go slightly mad, and start thinking crazy things like: “Must be some sort of conspiracy … I came here looking for information … but this crazy thing wants me to give it some information.”

Don’t they know that I’m the one that needs information … but I don’t know what to do … and they don’t seem to know how to help me.

I’m pretty sure that there is someone on the other side of the computer laughing and making jokes about me.

The problem here is a lack of information about jobs. Many people are extremely deficient in information about what kinds of jobs there are out there and where to find them … or even what they should be looking for.

Many of us have thought, “How am I supposed to know that there are over 12,000 jobs/careers out there … and that this search-box is just sitting there waiting for me to type in a job name?”

As will be seen later, this simple fact about lack of job information is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in all of a person’s working life.

Why? If people do not know that a job even exists, then no one knows how to find it or prepare for it to do it … or whether they even like it, or if they can even do it … etc. etc.

Here is what you need to know. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) lists over 800 occupations. But … that is misleading because there can be hundreds of additional job types within those occupations (i.e., over 12,000 or more).

If you do not know the names of any of those jobs within those occupations, you can become even further confused when people start talking about careers, industries, training, college degrees, etc.

I did a little experiment and downloaded the BLS job lists statistics into an Excel spreadsheet, and guess what?

There were over six thousand occupations or careers (or line items) listed.

But … when I drilled down into many of those “occupations” … there could be hundreds of other jobs associated with that occupation or career (i.e., and I think that there are way more than 12,000 types of jobs).

OK … just knowing about that last bit of information is enough to spark a great deal of interest and enthusiasm (for the energized optimists) …

… or a whole bunch of doom, gloom, and dread at the massive amount of work needed to find out about all those opportunities and what is needed to pursue such information.

Nevertheless, whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, there is something you need to do to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that are currently “hidden” away from you.

Let me encourage you that this is not as difficult as you might think … because knowing how to do something is the key to getting something done for yourself.

If you have not taken advantage of the FREE test above yet, I encourage you to take it.

But if you are looking for more in-depth information, you will probably want to explore this opportunity.

Follow the Money
Follow Advice … then Follow the Money!

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Many people will not discover what I am about to show you … but that’s to your advantage … because you cannot walk a tight rope if it’s like a limp wet noodle

The title of this blog (i.e., “Jobs … Doomed from the Start … Unless”) is very predictive for most modern job seekers … unless they know what to do.

In today’s job market, all job seekers need an edge or an advantage (and that advantage is usually information).

I have seen many students dash off with their new degree and high expectations that they were just going to waltz right into their dream job … only to find the twin disappointments of frustration and failure.

I know how that feels. I crammed a four-year college degree into six years because I tried to study everything under the sun. I felt like the joke was on me when I started looking for a job.

In the next blog I will present the rationale for the job-search steps you will need to take to find out:

  • Where you are;
  • Where you need to go;
  • Why you need to go there;
  • What you need to do to get there; and
  • Know when you have arrived (i.e., got the job)

Further, this will apply to anyone regardless of their current job situation (i.e., high school or college graduate; military veteran; currently employed; just fired; or whatever your situation is … yes, even disabled, handicapped, or have no degree).

In the meantime, you are probably wondering about all those jobs listed in BLS. Click here in the > Bureau of Labor (BLS) and spend a few hours just looking at this long list.

If you did that … and you definitely should … you are probably wondering if you would be interested in, or qualified for, any of those job fields.

There certainly is one way you can find out … and for your future … you should find out what jobs are best for you.

You can find out what jobs would be best for you by taking a few simple Career Interest Tests (CIT). You certainly owe it to yourself to find out before you waste your life doing jobs that you absolutely hate.

Find a Job
Get Your Job Plan and Follow It!

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After all of your expert career counseling … and before you go on your job interview … you should make sure to get Job Interview Coaching.

Until next time … success and safety in life and love,

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous

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